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I have been working in a prestigious company in Sri Lanka. But I had not job satisfaction in any of those companies. I have worked as an assistant manager; I have also worked as administration and human resources sectors as a Director. But I had no job satisfaction.

I started a company in 2012 by the name of S.K Realtors which later we absorbed many employees and became a renowned real estate company in Sri Lanka. Later me and my staff were able to make our company a famous #1 real estate company. We were able to attract foreign investors. We were able to do this, because of the trust they had in us. Now we are recognized globally as in China, India, Austria, Europe and also Middle East.

I wish to thank everyone who supported and helped me to make my company success, also special thank for my foreign and local clients from the bottom of my heart, as the owner of S K Realtors & Holdings.

Thank you!

D.M.R. Sachin Panduka Kobbekaduwa
DICA, ITSD, BSc. Civil (Un.G)

CEO of S K Realtors & Holdings

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