SK Realtors is a Resisted Real Estate Brokerage and Consultancy Firm with the sole intention of providing and selling the best and most suitable properties available in the market to our Clients.

We provide properties to suit the various needs of our clients, ranging from the standard 8-15Perch properties to Acres, within Central Colombo as well as in suburbs and around the Island, ranging from the hills to coastal areas.

As a licensed real estate brokerage The SK Realtors offers a comprehensive basket of services to fulfill virtually every real estate need. Whether you’re a residential or commercial  buyer / seller looking for a real estate broker / agent, or you’re a corporate real estate professional looking to augment your inhouse staff with an outside consultant to provide additional on-call and project specific services, we have professional real estate agents, brokers and CRE consultants to facilitate all areas of real estate transactions and perform a variety of real estate data, market and trend analysis.

The strategic phase of the real estate analysis process offers the greatest opportunity to maximize cost savings and generate lasting benefits for commercial and corporate clients. Beginning with an understanding of your business goals and objectives, The SK Realtors formulates and delivers focused and customized solutions designed specifically for your needs. Our process is straightforward: validating your need, formulating solutions, and providing a program for implementation.

The SK Realtors provides a menu of general real estate services to fit most clients residential, commercial, industrial and/or corporate real estate needs.

We Provide

-Properties for Hotel Projects (Island-wide)

-Properties for Mixed Development Projects

-Properties for Apartment projects

-Joint-Venture Opportunities

-Residential Plots (Sales and Rentals)

-Commercial Buildings (Sales and Rentals)

-Luxury Apartments (Sales and Rentals)